Episode 259

Published: Friday, 20 June 2014
Lovely Places

It’s not only that ambient releases start to stack up at my place, but I also feel the urge for something more serene at the moment. Well, it’s not really that serene, but quite mind drifting energy in tonight’s music. And this all starts right with the Sultry Kissing Lounge and the man and his guitar Markus Reuter. Then we have a compilation by the Tunguska Electronic Music Society with two contributions, one by Simiram and the next by Soft Note. More new stuff by Ivan Black going for The Somnambulist. We then take Excursion number 3 with our dear friend Altus. And we meet Mark Seelig again this time with Loren Nerell painting the Tree of Life. Finally, one half of the double album Many Sides of Music by Yves Potin a.k.a. Jazzcomputer.org. Happy floating.



Image: (own collection)

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