Episode 40

Published: Saturday, 06 June 2009
It's time for planets and stars. Electronic Music inspired by some of the hottest and hardest objects in the earth's surrounding. Introducing space rock by Neoklast and their first album Solar Music Suite Vol. 1 that brings us close to our sun and its planets. Further on the show, music also dedicated to stellar objects by Benny Feenell, Ingo Vogelmann, and Uwe Reckzeh.

syndae - episode 40



Episode 39

Published: Saturday, 30 May 2009
More ambient and space music tonight on episode 39 of your podcast on fine electronic music! But at first, you will get a rather progressive glimpse on Ron Boots newly released album Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight, performed in collaboration with F.D.Project. You will get a surprising second track by Ron from an accompanying album, and more great relaxing music by 33 Tetragammon and Human Metronome, and a special treat from master of space himself, Phrozenlight.

syndae - episode 39

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Episode 38

Published: Saturday, 23 May 2009
Expect some of the most talented EM artists in tonight's episode 38 of syndae! Brand new tracks by Christopher J. Wray from the UK from his upcoming album Retrospect, by Frank van Bogaert from Belgium from his June 2009 album Air Machine, and by Stefan Erbe from his soon to be live presented album Driver. Further on the show, an insight into Imaginary Soundtrack by Peter Beasley and hot stuff by jujigen a.k.a. Kevin Rees from the just released compilation Nucleolus.

syndae - episode 38

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Episode 37

Published: Saturday, 16 May 2009
Tonight's show introducing René Splinter's new album Dreaming Angels, and I wouldn't wonder, if you detect similarities to a style followed by Tangerine Dream of their Melrose era. More marvellous music on the show, presenting Monokle, EugeneKha, Art of Infinity, and Schallwelle-Award-Winner David Wright.

syndae - episode 37

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Episode 36

Published: Saturday, 09 May 2009
After the most alien show, here comes the most quiet one, yet. Episode 36 brings you 30 minutes of relaxing and ambient music. Artists featured tonight are Acheloo, GateZero, Gras, Phrozenlight, Spheric Lounge, and Steve Ganes.

syndae - episode 36

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Outerspace Special

Published: Wednesday, 06 May 2009

syndae makes first contact with outerspace! The real alien special, right in time to meet with Star Trek coming into cinemas in Germany.

Stefan from syndae gets in contact with outerspace musician MaEasy, who, of course, does not have the time to leave his space ship. But as generous as he is, MaEasy took the time to chat while being in orbit. Enjoy a delightful show packed with funky and spacey electronic music and some personal information of the man behind Topp Cosmos.

syndae outerspace special

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Episode 35

Published: Saturday, 02 May 2009

The photo competition has started, but Mea Culpa is not enough a prize. We have an alternative CD for you, in case you have Ron Boots' one: Kees Aerts recent album If One Door Closes! You can make your choice when submitting your contribution. And, of course, we have a track from Kees' CD for you. Further on the show, moonbooter, who will join Stefan Erbe on Spaceworks 2009 in Hagen on May 30th. More music, by Coax, from his upcoming release, and Psychosonic, from his album not to be missed.

But that's not all you get: On May 6th syndae will make first contact with outerspace. Prepare for the most alien podcast special you'd ever heard. We'll contact MaEasy in his space ship to learn about him and his music. And, naturally, you'll get a first impression of his species' sound in tonights show!

syndae - episode 35

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Episode 34

Published: Saturday, 25 April 2009
Ron Boots will be back live soon. On May 23rd in the Planetarium of Bochum, where he will present his new album "Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight". For this occasion, syndae will run a little competition to win a CD. Listen to this episode for some more information on this. Also on the show, a track from the brand new release by Das Kraftfuttermischwerk, and from the recent release by Coax. And as the icing on the cake, music by Deep Imagination and Karoliina Salminen.

syndae - episode 34

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Episode 33

Published: Saturday, 18 April 2009

Memories of the past and a view to the future, that's what tonight's featured artist Michael Shipway (VoLt) will cause to you on syndae episode 33. Not only will we have two tracks from his great Solo albums from the early 90s, but a new track from his current works that might find its way in one or another form to a planned new Solo album.
Furthermore on the show, brilliant music by Code Indigo, who can be seen live at the AD Music Festival in September, Geigertek, who will join Code Indigo at least for that festival, and Uriel, a talented young artist from Israel.

And two more things: First, a little note on my own account: If you buy music or tickets for an event, because you heard about it on syndae, it would be really nice, if you could mention syndae as a source for your decision (if possible). And second, syndae is now twittering at: http://twitter.com/syndae

syndae - episode 33

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