Whatever inspires you most

Episode 605

Welcome to 2022. Although, this edition is rather a look back to the end of last year which left many saddened as we lost Sylvia Sommerfeld to another realm. She and her persevering work on supporting the electronic music scene will be greatly missed. This show is dedicated to her, not to spread sorrow, but to honor her and inspire anyone to follow your hearts in what you are doing as intense as she did. There will be mostly traditional style music tonight, with tracks by Loom (The Tree Hates The Forest), Stefan Erbe (Breathe), Unisphere (Endless Endeavor), Sequential Dreams (Star Lost), Michael Brückner (midnightradio compilation 108), Wöstheinrich, Lankow & von Garnier (The Wilhelmshagen Sessions 20210917), Lisa Bella Donna (Appalachian Wilderness).



Loom - Polaroids From Anywhere (The Tree Hates The Forest)
Stefan Erbe - Bright Like a Silver Star (Breathe)
Unisphere - Eloquent Exposure (Endless Endeavor)
Sequential Dreams - August Moon (Star Lost)
Michael Brückner - Egrem Notnek (midnightradio compilation 108)
Wöstheinrich, Lankow & von Garnier - White Rabbit Cream (excerpt) (The Wilhelmshagen Sessions 20210917)
Lisa Bella Donna - Kanawha Falls, West Virginia (Appalachian Wilderness)



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