Dipped into sound

Episode 606

We are off into a night full of wonders this time, listening to some quite chilled and no-sweat tunes. Why? Because I felt like it. It's kind of like life which currently offers so many facets from joy to sadness, from fun to stupidity, from ignorance to love. Yeah, I am bit on a philosophical trip tonight. No wonder, as these are strange times and the world is getting crazier each day. Luckily, there always are cool guys out there producing so fantastic sounds and scapes to listen to. So join me for a great show where my guests are Cosmic Noise Crew (Twelfth Listen), Zero Cult & Unhide, Potlatch and Eguana (Lofi Grill, Vol. 1), Клет (1984? Нет!), Sense (Grey Sky Dub), Globular (Long Grass for Small Frogs), Anna B May (Into The Woods (Remixes)), Synth.NL (Time Travel), illocanblo (Habitat), Flavour & Rune (Happy Birthday Mister Camembert!).



Cosmic Noise Crew - Moondust (Twelfth Listen)
Zero Cult & Unhide - Migration (Lofi Grill, Vol. 1)
Potlatch - Snail Step (Lofi Grill, Vol. 1)
Eguana - Cats Everywhere (Lofi Grill, Vol. 1)
Клет - Чукотка / Chukotka (1984? Нет!)
Клет - Мир / Mir (1984? Нет!)
Sense - Overcast (Grey Sky Dub)
Globular - Pure Magic (Long Grass for Small Frogs)
Anna B May - Into The Woods (Tiikk Remix) (Into The Woods (Remixes))
Synth.NL - Ping Pong (Time Travel)
illocanblo - sdoʇs puɐ sʇɹɐʇs (Starts And Stops Version) (Habitat)
Flavour & Rune - Airlines 751 (Happy Birthday Mister Camembert!)



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