Happy new beats

Episode 604

How was 2021 to you? For me, it held quite a pile of surprises on its menu, negative as well as positive. While this is simply life happening, one thing stays steady with me and also acts as a kind of pillar for me: syndae. It is does act as both a compass and a vent, giving me the opportunity to reflect my emotional state as well as give something to you, whenever you like to listen and experience music from other places. Hope we will meet again, in sound at least, next year. Until then, enjoy the past being pushed out with rolling drums. Thus, tonight with dancable music by Sven Phalanx (Klangtherapie Remixes), Maralewo (Obmonac), VOSM (Modular Cuisine), Bassoniq (Ringworld), Stan Dart (MurInsel Vol. 4), Dayflight (Raumzeit Festival Digital), Joao Ceser (Orto.Brz), ELEON (Cafe Chill), Bit Cloudy (Energy Giant), TNT (Midnightradio Compilation 108), Sepslow (Faryar).



Sven Phalanx - Klangtherapie (DOTKOV Remix) (Klangtherapie Remixes)
Maralewo - Obmonac (Obmonac)
VOSM - Hold Your Breath (extended) (Modular Cuisine)
Bassoniq - Mofo (Full Monty mix) (Ringworld)
Stan Dart - Islands In The Stream (MurInsel Vol. 4)
Dayflight - Summer is gone (Raumzeit Festival Digital)
Joao Ceser - Asparago Rosa Di Mezzago (Orto.Brz)
ELEON - Downtown Lights (Cafe Chill)
Bit Cloudy - Instant Constant (Energy Giant)
TNT - Dreams of Resonance (Midnightradio Compilation 108)
Sepslow - Faryar (Faryar)



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