Go easy on keys

Episode 603

Throughout their history, people have built many traditions. One of them is being celebrated this time of year, if one follows a constituent religion. Nowadays, many people celebrate this season as well, seeing it as a family time holiday. Well, what ever your take on these days is, tonight you will get to experience music which is hopefully providing the right mood for community and being together. Enjoy lovely and easy tunes by Ronald Van Deurzen (Imaginations), Janet Noguera (Fall Flight), Fiona Joy Hawkins (Christmas Softly), Eamonn Karran (Summer Flight), Ivan Teixeira (Rebirth), Magnus Josefsson (Acid Air), Jill Haley (Wrapped In Light), Jim Ottaway, Robin Guthrie (Pearldiving), Steve Orchard (Enchanted Autumn), Axess (Raumzeit Festival Digital).



Ronald Van Deurzen - The Beaches of Heaven (Imaginations)
Janet Noguera - Favor From The Wind (Fall Flight)
Fiona Joy Hawkins - Christmas is Coming (Christmas Softly)
Eamonn Karran - The Edge (Summer Flight)
Ivan Teixeira - Ruah (Rebirth)
Magnus Josefsson - Ostrava (Acid Air)
Jill Haley - Flourishing Grass (Wrapped In Light)
Jim Ottaway - Another Christmas Eve (Vigil Remix) (./.)
Robin Guthrie - Oceanaire (Pearldiving)
Steve Orchard - Old Watermill (Enchanted Autumn)
Axess - Fading Lights (Raumzeit Festival Digital)



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