Happy Chillmas

Episode 602

Wow, what a crazy final working week. Oh, yes, I am on vacation from next week on. Only, like I am now working in home office, I will also do vacation in home office. But that's fine, as I do not go and see sea or climb hills or strive a forest, I simply need some rest. How about you? What will you be doing the next two weeks? Still working? Going on a journey? Whatever you plan, syndae will be there with you with no pause at all. As a closer for this years working season (at least for me) this will be a final chill out edition for 2021. Well, 2021 also needs to chill out and hopefully 2022 will be a bit "more normal" again. We will see. For tonight, enjoy some quality sounds by Nicholas Gunn (Beautiful Mind), Anna B May, Xavion (A Brand New Day), KUBA (Analogue Sympathy), Eagle (Synth. Music) (Rogue Planet), Suriya (Raumzeit Festival Digital), Ivan Black (The Wounded Angel), Valentich (Martin Christie Presents Electronic Music Travels), Nattefrost (When Every Cage is Empty), Stan Dart.



Nicholas Gunn - Beautiful Mind (Beautiful Mind)
Anna B May - Into The Woods (./.)
Xavion - The roads ahead (A Brand New Day)
KUBA - Wadada Means Love (ft. Michele Adamson) (Analogue Sympathy)
Eagle (Synth. Music) - Lost Lake (Rogue Planet)
Suriya - Werftgetöse (Raumzeit Festival Digital)
Ivan Black - Metatron (The Wounded Angel)
Valentich - Unaware (Martin Christie Presents Electronic Music Travels)
Nattefrost - When Every Cage is Empty (When Every Cage is Empty)
Stan Dart - Cerro Armazones (./.)



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