To soundly go, where no musician has gone before

Episode 597

This was quite an eventful week, dear friends in music. Quite a lot of heat on the job, which lead to lots of talking, and the same on private side, with planning and supporting. In other news, a new set of people were lifted to the Internation Space Station. Not just some rich dudes going up for taking selfies with earth, but real scientists doing several months of hard work and research in a not so earthly environment. Anyhow, this gives the perfect setting for some ambient sounds on the show, which I obviously have. And it's themed as well, fittingly to space and beyond. Enjoy wonderful tracks by Vangelis (Juno to Jupiter), Ambient Indigo, Cosmic Cadence, Big Beech, Tolubai, Ambient Light, Time Away (Alien Oceans), Synestia (Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 14), Joerg Dankert (Beyond), Steve Roach & Michael Stearns (Beyond Earth & Sky).



Vangelis - Jupiter's Veil of Clouds (Juno to Jupiter)
Ambient Indigo - Aquamarine Landform (Alien Oceans)
Cosmic Cadence - Toxic Tides (Alien Oceans)
Big Beech - Cosmic Coral (Alien Oceans)
Tolubai - Interactive Reef (Alien Oceans)
Ambient Light - Endless Abyss (Alien Oceans)
Time Away - Underwater Islands (Alien Oceans)
Synestia - Perihelion (Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 14)
Joerg Dankert - Easy section (Beyond)
Steve Roach / Michael Stearns - The Long Road (Beyond Earth & Sky)


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