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Episode 598

So this was a week with ups and downs, so I was undecided about what music to choose. Well, defintely more speed than last time, but not too fast and still relaxing. Isn't it strang how the way you feel sometimes reflects in the music? And sometimes it is the complete opposite? So maybe one is stressed, then listening to some ambient might help. Or rather some progressive sounds to match being agitated? Well, whatever style you choose, make sure it is great music by excellent musicians. Like the ones we have on the show tonight presenting to you such great tunes. Join me to listen to tracks by MikeKSmith (Twisty), Twofish (At least a hundred fingers), Wane of Summer (Alien Oceans), Roberto Sass (You Gotta Hold Me Tight), Serge Bardot (Cicada 17 Requiem: Brood X 4), Telefís (Mister Imperator), Carl Weingarten (A Fistful of Dust), Mars Lasar (Coastal Escape), Cousin Silas & Glove Of Bones (The Emporium Artists Project Volume 18 Collab Special Part D), Stan Dart (MurInsel Vol. 4).



MikeKSmith - Twisty (Rei Nakatani mix) (Twisty)
Twofish - Asha (At least a hundred fingers)
Wane of Summer - Refraction (Alien Oceans)
Roberto Sass - You Gotta Hold Me Tight (You Gotta Hold Me Tight)
Serge Bardot - Summer of love (Cicada 17 Requiem: Brood X 4)
Telefís - Mister Imperator (Dub Mix) (Mister Imperator)
Carl Weingarten - A Fistful of Dust (A Fistful of Dust)
Mars Lasar - Enchanted Forest (Coastal Escape)
Mars Lasar - California Dreams (Coastal Escape)
Cousin Silas & Glove Of Bones - LSP Inna Sky Dub (Instrumental) (The Emporium Artists Project Volume 18 Collab Special Part D)
Stan Dart - The Way We Are (Part 1) (MurInsel Vol. 4)


Nov 20th, Raumzeit Festival Digital, Edition 3



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