The sound that never ends

Episode 596

Last weekend we had the cheapest way of time travel over here: switching back from summer time to normal time. It's amazing that the people still do the one hour trip forward and backward each year, which at present times makes barely any sense. I am a fan of time travel in movies though, loving the idea and mind breaking thinking about what might happen when going forward or backward in time. From a rather mind buggling Time Machine by Wells to modern actioners and completely confusing movies like Tenet. There are many theories on why or why not time travel would work. And the common invite joke that time travelers will meet last year in June. One way to time travel is by celebrating modern sounds inspired by past masters in music. We will have some great stuff tonight celebrating that past great music style with tracks by dreamSTATE with Rob Hoare (21st Anniversary - Part 2), Wilfried Hanrath ft. Cousin Silas (The Emporium Artists Project Volume 18 Collab Special Part D), Syndromeda (Mythical Pursuit), Thaneco (Journey to Ithaca Vol.2), Michael Brückner (The Crossing of Zone 3), synkrotron & Cosmic Cadence (Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 14).



dreamSTATE with Rob Hoare - Nothing and Everything (21st Anniversary - Part 2)
Wilfried Hanrath feat. Cousin Silas - Colliemission Doubleong, Reprise Deluxe (The Emporium Artists Project Volume 18 Collab Special Part D)
Syndromeda - Mountaintop Consultation with a Slime Mold (Mythical Pursuit)
Thaneco - Dark Pelagos (Journey to Ithaca Vol.2)
Michael Brückner - Triangular (Luxur Crystalis Mix) (The Crossing of Zone 3)
synkrotron - Psi Centauri (Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 14)
Cosmic Cadence - Reactor Repair (Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 14)


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