Sound that drives you

Episode 595

I admit, I was intreagued to do a Halloween special, as it is totally the time. But, for once, I am not so much into it, and second, all the Halloween music just is about to be published these days. Like a big compilation coming up via Aural Films, which you might want to check out this weekend. Or, if you don't, I might have some of the music on the show next week or so. By the way, are you watching Squid Game? I don't. But seems their costumes are quite a thing for Halloween this year. Jump suits and frying baskets as masks. Does not sound like something I'd want to wear. What I want to hear, though, is music like the tracks on tonight's edition. Great stuff by Eonlake (Sublimation Epoch), Roberto Sass (X:Hale), Steen Chorchendorff Jorgensen (Clouds Drifting in Time), Stefan Erbe and Guido Negraszus (Schallplatte 24), Joerg Dankert (Beyond), Dynatron (Origins), Ivan Black (Bone Machine), Feralia Planitia (Feralia Planitia), Keerd (Lost in a Daydream), Michael Brückner (The Crossing of Zone 3).



Eonlake - Aerial (Sublimation Epoch)
Roberto Sass - Aeon (X:Hale)
Steen Chorchendorff Jorgensen - It Comes From Within When The Day Begins (Clouds Drifting in Time)
Stefan Erbe - Antithetic (Schallplatte 24)
Guido Negraszus - Call of the Sun (Schallplatte 24)
Joerg Dankert - Intermediate goal (Beyond)
Dynatron - Future (Origins)
Ivan Black - Tropospheric Ducting (Bone Machine)
Feralia Planitia - Feral Planet (Feralia Planitia)
Keerd - A Lonely Path to Nowhere (Lost in a Daydream)
Michael Brückner - Part 5 (The Crossing of Zone 3)


October 30th, 2021: Sound of Sky goes Retrospective, Planetarium Bochum


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