Excitement of stillness

Episode 594

Are you one of those humans who have to live in exciting times and need full action to feel alive? Or are you the more quiet one who definitely longs for serene moments? Well, maybe it's a mix of both where the mix not necessarily has to be centered. Like in music, where one's ears enjoy displacements of sounds and instruments so that a song does not simply sound mono. For me, the excitement mix level definitely is more on the dry side, rather peaceful than anything else. And sometimes, it is great to leave all the thrill behind and head out for your own, alone or in company, to relish life and nature. Tonight's edition is more on the dry side as well, which definitely does not make the music boring, I tell you that. So join me for some great 60 minutes with music by Gleisberg & Scholl (Culture And Spirit), Divine Matrix (Celestial Phenomena. Soundscapes Vol. 3), Ian Boddy (Nevermore), Ivan Black (Gloria Planetarium), Kelly David (Illusive), Desu ExSounds (Figments), jarguna & Ryuzen (Kitsune), Everling (ad hoc).



Gleisberg & Scholl - Culture And Spirit (Culture And Spirit)
Divine Matrix - Moonbow (Celestial Phenomena. Soundscapes Vol. 3)
Ian Boddy - From Here To There (Nevermore)
Ivan Black - Aeolis Quadrangle (Gloria Planetarium)
Kelly David - Garden of the Forgotten (Illusive)
Desu ExSounds - Loneliness Proximity (Figments)
jarguna & Ryuzen - Neagari No Matsu (Kitsune)
Everling - ad hoc Part 4 (ad hoc)



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