Cherish the picks

Episode 593

Life is made up of many options that present themselves on its way. You can definitely choose between those options. Not everytime it's a free choice, though. And while one might try to cherry-pick the path to take, it often only is a tip of the ice-berg waiting for you beyond the obvious. So one could think of life to consist of steps to be mastered. Some lighter ones, some steeper ones. People might say that everything is going to be fine in the end. Well, it does not have to be. But there is no easy way out. No, there is not. And there is no way to know, if a choice is good or bad until you walk its way. Yep, life is a challenge. Cherries you pick may be sweet or sour. Well, not regarding the music you pick to listen to. I did some cherry picking for tonight's edition, and you are welcome to join me for some great tunes by Sven Phalanx (Klangtherapie Remix), Vangelis (Juno to Jupiter), Martha Rabbit (Phonolith), Ivan Black (Bone Machine), D-Fried (Eleventh Listen), Brioskj (One Synth II), Stereo Hypnosis (Hvolf), Boys Of Tomorrow (So It Begins), Stefan Erbe (Comfort'sone).



Sven Phalanx - Klangtherapie (Brainquake Remix) (Klangtherapie Remix)
Vangelis - Juno's Power (Juno to Jupiter)
Vangelis - Inside our Perspectives (Juno to Jupiter)
Martha Rabbit - Kruger 60 (Phonolith)
Ivan Black - Termination Shock (Bone Machine)
D-Fried - Love Ho (Eleventh Listen)
Brioskj - Welcome Aboard (One Synth II)
Stereo Hypnosis - Dalir (Hvolf)
Stereo Hypnosis - Kleif (Hvolf)
Boys Of Tomorrow - A Summit (So It Begins)
Stefan Erbe - Merkur (a tragedy) (Trancer Spacey remix) (Comfort'sone)


October 30th, 2021: Sound of Sky goes Retrospective, Planetarium Bochum


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