Tape me on

Episode 572

It sometimes feels like a different life when thinking back to my youth and all the fantastic new music that I discovered under the umbrella term electronic music. I always favoured instrumental music, like film music and such, but the new generation of lyric-less tunes was simply fantastic. I actually heard my first Kraftwerk music on a tape back then, which I found in a small library (that thing where you can rent books). It was Computerwelt with that bright yellow cover and now ancient home computer on it. What a wonderful new (computer) world it opened. Soon I scanned the record shop for this kind of sounds, where lots of unknown and cool stuff was available. The love for the music still is inside of me, and obviously for others as well. Enjoy great modern takes on past time styles with tracks by Uwe Reckzeh (Voyage), Ivan Black (Ah! Sun-flower), RadioSilence (Nemeton), Curious Inversions (LP24 Incorporated), Fusion of Elements (Sessions in the Quantum Field), MS2020 (Futur N), René van der Wouden (Electronic Improvisations on Shimmer Winter Days).



Uwe Reckzeh - Dragawhaa (Voyage)
Ivan Black - The Human Abstract (Ah! Sun-flower)
RadioSilence - Cloud Valley (RSi Shortwave Edit) (Nemeton)
Curious Inversions - In Passing (LP24 Incorporated)
Fusion of Elements - Cyclotron (Sessions in the Quantum Field)
MS2020 - December_27_2020 (Futur N)
René van der Wouden - Partition Oh Oh (Electronic Improvisations on Shimmer Winter Days)


May 15, An evening with René van der Wouden at BYSS



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