Hot brain medicine

Episode 571

Life sometimes (or often?) has unexpected twists in its pocket, where your plans do not come true (Sorry, Hannibal). One of my plans was to stick with my job until the end of times. Well, it shall not be. Doing lots of job interviews for once is thrilling on the other side it is a bit exhausting. In the past two weeks I got to know quite a lot of new people in the business, and it really were great talks with great people. Still, there is a time where one needs to reflect and rest one's mind. Where am I aiming? Well, I needed something to ease my brain, cool it down, chill it out. Last week, it was very much on the easy side (some say it was too easy). This time, it's less easy but more chill. Have a fun and relaxing time with tracks by Bluetech & Steve Moore (Liminal Migration), M'elle Louise(Amedeo), Michael Whalen (Future Shock), David Wright (The Lost Colony), Humus Hummus (Made Of Elektroniks), Eonlake (Magic Window Session), Stan Dart (Basilica), Infinite Third (Living Moments Vol. 3).



Bluetech - Entrain Light (Steve Moore Remix) (Liminal Migration)
M'elle Louise - Amedeo (Amedeo)
Michael Whalen - Your Eyes, Your Touch, Your Kiss (Future Shock)
David Wright - Subconscious Matter And Other (The Lost Colony)
Humus Hummus - Robostalking (Made Of Elektroniks)
Eonlake - Retcon (Magic Window Session)
Stan Dart - The Four Pillars (Basilica)
Infinite Third - The Truth is in Here (Living Moments Vol. 3)


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