Sounds from the mild life

Episode 573

What a smooth and calm week this was on my side. And I met people on the way that made quite a difference in how I see and understand what work can be. Well, as I am still in the transition of finding a new purpose in life, for tonight I decided to have a mind gets peace party. Exactly, it's an evening with ambient music. Well, ambient can get a bit exciting, like when tribal sounds enter the realm or space travel gets a bit bumpy, so it's never always only soundscapes on the floor. But you will be able to close your eyes and switch off to take part in the journey of thoughts. Join me, well ya? Let's have a nice and smooth ride with tracks by Wellengärtner (Solar System), jarguna (Animas-k), Deborah Martin & Jill Haley (The Silence Of Grace), Willebrant and M.NOMIZED (MidnightRadio Compilation 104), Kieran Mahon (Blue Scream), IcingWolf (Desert Space), Volker Lankow (Music For Boring Times - Part 2).



Wellengärtner - Solar Flares (Solar System)
jarguna - Ouroboros (Animas-k)
Deborah Martin & Jill Haley - From Fire Into Water (The Silence Of Grace)
Willebrant - A Knight on a Boat (MidnightRadio Compilation 104)
M.NOMIZED - Waves Shapes (MidnightRadio Compilation 104)
Kieran Mahon - Bombing Around Lost Pond and Not Giving a Shit (1991) (Blue Scream)
IcingWolf - Pulsar IV (Desert Space)
Volker Lankow - The Drone Tone Branch (for Pete Namlook) (Music For Boring Times - Part 2)


Judith N. (private collection)

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