Music for earpods

Episode 425

It is a bit confusing that ambient music actually is not about ambience. If you listen to the music, it mostly is rather serene, quiet, unobstrusive. And it is rather meant this way, to stay in the background and create a specific atmosphere for people, to support an easier mood. The goal of a podcast, however, is not to make you turn a deaf ear. You can still run it in the background, although my voice might disrupt your focus. But you can also listen closely and dive into the details of the fantastic sound sculptures the tracks offer your mind. On this show you will hear music by Brian Eno (Ambient 4: On Land), Ken Elkinson (Music for Telecommuting Vols. 3 & 4), NoizeFilter Music (Fragments), Wolfgang Gsell & Lutz Thuns (Friends of Ambient 27), Eisenlager & Martin Neuhold (Concrete Manipulation Improvisation), and Wolfproject.


Brian Eno - Dunwich Beach, Autumn, 1960 (Ambient 4: On Land)
Ken Elkinson - New Orbit (Wind Song) (Music for Telecommuting Vols. 3 & 4: Early Afternoon / Late Afternoon)
NoizeFilter Music - A Comet Flyby (Fragments)
Wolfgang Gsell & Lutz Thuns - First Contact (Friends of Ambient 27)
Eisenlager & Martin Neuhold - Rotating Spirals (Concrete Manipulation Improvisation)
Wolfproject - Sunset Meditation Part II (./.)


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