Dubbious joy giver

Episode 426

So last week we celebrated the serene world, and I don't want to wake you up the harsh way. Thus we go a bit forward tonight, but ont too fast. And when I am in the need for being aurally comforted, dub and chill material most times is a good choice in my ears. It's always great to simply lean back, close my eyes and fall into the patient grooves and moves of this kind of music. No more words necessary, I think. Take your seating position, and enjoy tracks by Illocanblo (Mercury), Jim Black (Yoctosecond), NOID (TEMS. Craters: Suavjarvi), joergmueller (Heavy Dub Vol. 3), Giriu Dvasios (Gydantis Lietus), Protyv (Amso).


Illocanblo - Dubby Reaktor (Mercury)
Jim Black - Planck Era (Reality Extended) (Yoctosecond)
NOID - Kalina da babarm (TEMS. Craters: Suavjarvi)
joergmueller - Drop That Stone (Heavy Dub Vol. 3)
Giriu Dvasios - Part 3 (Gydantis Lietus)
Protyv - Amso (Amso)


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