Delicate appetizers

Episode 424

So we were at a Persian restaurant recently. Haven't been for a while. The have an appetizer on the menu which simply is to die for: Kashke Bademjan. Really, I could jump right into it. And I am usually no big fan of eggplant dishes. So it's definitely all about the recipe that makes it special and surely one of my favourites. Ok, what's that to do with syndae? Well, the main point is that a composition does not have to consist of my favourite instruments or sounds to be on syndae. More than that I don't have to explicitely like a song to have it on the show. As long as it is interesting and somewhat unique and I see a potential for it to be of some listeners likings, it goes on the playlist. It might be the complete track that catches my ear, or maybe a detail. And I hope you listen closely and always find some music you enjoy as well. Tonight I am very easy with you listeners, very much likable music and melodies to come, playing tracks by Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo (Meridian), Kalpataru Tree (Rhythmic Fractals of Earths Imagination), Harald Nies (Axial), aAirial (Wanderings EP (extended)), Curious Inversions (Iterations), Jesper Sørensen (Dark Star).


Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo - Meridian (Meridian)
Kalpataru Tree - Earth Anchor (Rhythmic Fractals of Earths Imagination)
Harald Nies - View From the Hill (Axial)
aAirial - Au Gré des Vagues (Wanderings EP (extended))
Curious Inversions - Paint Night (Iterations)
Jesper Sørensen - Far From Home (Dark Star)


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