Human made music

Episode 656

Many people are talking about artificial intelligence taking over the music market in future. Well, I asked an AI named Perplexity about it. It says: "Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to play a major role in the future of music, with applications ranging from audio processing using neural networks and machine learning, to automating the process of developing, mastering and categorizing audio. AI can also be seen as a tool that democratizes music and allows for more creative possibilities, while transforming the way we produce and consume music." And further: "AI is capable of composing music. AI music generators are being improved to compose soundtracks for ads, video games, movies, and more[1], and neural networks are capable of writing original music. AI-composed music may even be indistinguishable from the work of human musicians, and AI software can create songs in less than 30 seconds. There are also AI systems that can compose emotional and unique music in real time." Well, I will stick to human composers for now, and we have great tracks tonight by The Great Northern (Oceans), Bluetech (Spacehop Chronicles 2: Restless), Wane of Summer (Alien Deserts), Wellenfeld (Eiswelten), Harald Nies (Multiverse), POLUNDRA (探​し​て​い​た​も​の​を​見​つ​け​た​あ​る​日), Room of Wires (Welcome to the Endgame), Cartas de Japón (Rucalen), Rena Jones & KiloWatts (Force Multiplier), Stefan Erbe (Genesys 23).



The Great Northern - Shipwreck (Oceans)
Bluetech - Restless (Erothyme Remix) (Spacehop Chronicles 2: Restless)
Wane of Summer - Fatal Morgana (Alien Deserts)
Wellenfeld - Qaanaaq (Eiswelten)
Harald Nies - Energy (Multiverse)
POLUNDRA - kromki (Bonus) (探​し​て​い​た​も​の​を​見​つ​け​た​あ​る​日)
Room of Wires - Cracked (Welcome to the Endgame)
Cartas de Japón - Pochi (Rucalen)
Rena Jones & KiloWatts - Superposition (Force Multiplier)
Stefan Erbe - lifeforming (Genesys 23)


April 29th, Stefan Erbe, GeneSys23, Live at Sternwarte Hagen


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