Just your cup of sounds

Episode 653

The votes are cast and the nominees announced: The Schallwelle Awards are sealed. In the next editions of syndae I will present to you all the contenders for the upcoming awards, starting off with the ones for album and artist national. Regular listeners of syndae will definitely know all the names on tonights list, some heard more often others rather seldom. These two categories are voted for by you and by Jury, half each. And here they are with Klangwelt (Here and Why), Klaus Schulze (Deus Arrakis), moonbooter (Reminiscence), Stefan Erbe (Distopia), Tangerine Dream (Raum), Martin Stürtzer (Relativity), Spyra (Hospital).



Klangwelt - An Explanation of Life (Here and Why)
Klaus Schulze - Seth - Pt#3 (Deus Arrakis)
moonbooter - me in the mirror (Reminiscence)
Stefan Erbe - The day we lost Ourselves (Distopia)
Tangerine Dream - Raum (Raum)
Martin Stürtzer - Relativity (Relativity)
Spyra - Prozession (Hospital)


January 28th, Stefan Erbe: Genesys 23, Bochum Planetarium
February 25th, Schallwelle Awards Ceremony, Bochum


Schallwende e.V.

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