The world sounds

Episode 654

Last week we celebrated national nominees, tonight we are out in the world with album and artist international. And there should be no surprise in contenders for regular listeners of the show, all of them have been on once or more. I really enjoy the mix of styles, though. From space ambient to traditional EM to modern beats. It's all in. So, join me for a nice trip listening to excellent electronic sounds with Colin Rayment (Equilibrium), Erik Wøllo (Sojourns), Jean-Michel Jarre (Oxymore), Skoulaman (Mundus in Motu), Stan Dart (Murinsel Vol. 5), Ian Boddy (Coil), Ron Boots & Rob Papen (A November Evening at CKE), State Azure (Cepheus Origin).



Colin Rayment - Phases of Equilibrium (Equilibrium)
Erik Wøllo - Sojourn 1 (Sojourns)
Jean-Michel Jarre - Sonic Land (Oxymore)
Skoulaman - Movement 7 (Mundus in Motu)
Stan Dart - Morning Sun (Murinsel Vol. 5)
Ian Boddy - Coil (Coil)
Ron Boots & Rob Papen - Mindflow 1 (A November Evening at CKE)
State Azure - A-Zotl Typea (Cepheus Origin)


February 25th, Schallwelle Awards Ceremony, Bochum


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