Spicy sounds that bite

Episode 652

It's already the second week into the new year. It seems to become an interesting one, with many changes ahead. Running websites, for example, urges you to update the systems once in a while. So just happened with syndae home. Not only tiny changes in its look but the whole technology was renewed. Same will happen to other pages I run. Also, the German empulsiv Webzine closed down end of last year. But there may be some kind of successor to it, re-focused maybe, but still keeping you informed about the scene (at least, if you understand German or use a proper translator). It's always a good idea to keep the good things but refresh dated ones. Now, on tonight's show you will find mostly new music. But each track and each artist definitely has a past. Join me for great music by Outlanders (We Own This Sky), Casey & Soeteman (Nonstruct), KS|Optionica (Fourteenth Listen), Conny Olivetti (Old Light Through New Windows), 4T Thieves (The Vinyl Loop), Klangwelt (Here and Why), Nheap XP (Inside Talk), Anodyne Industries (IDMf065 VA), Anatomist (Machine Music, Vol V), Reichenhall (Muschelkalk).



Outlanders - We Own This Sky (We Own This Sky)
Casey & Soeteman - Swamp (Nonstruct)
KS|Optionica - All I Want (Fourteenth Listen)
Conny Olivetti - Spirituelle Melodie (Old Light Through New Windows)
4T Thieves - Tie and Handkerchief (The Vinyl Loop)
Klangwelt - Futurist (Here and Why)
Nheap XP - Narrow knowledge (Inside Talk)
Anodyne Industries - Consigned To Obivion (IDMf065 VA)
Anatomist - Drifting (Machine Music, Vol V)
Reichenhall - Rockbiter (Muschelkalk)



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