Splintered colours

Episode 651

What will it bring, this new year 2023? Is it really new or just an echo of the past one? 2022 was a desaster for EM fans and it ended no good with the passing of Steve Smith and Edward Artemyev. May the rest in peace. So, hopes are up for another 365 day rotation. And I wish you all only the best of the best. It does start really good with a number of live concerts due in January and March. And the German Schallwelle Awards are due as well. Old an new music alike will stay alive on syndae, as for tonight we have music by Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder (Live @ Dorfkirche Repelen 2), Alba Ecstasy (The Stargazer), Michael Brückner (Test of Time), Mike Hans Steffl (Successful Failure), Faber (Sequentium), Nautilus (A Floating City), Steve Smith and the Tylas Cyndrone (Pools of Diversity).



Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder - Source of Life (Live @ Dorfkirche Repelen 2)
Alba Ecstasy - Infinite Microcosmic Spaces (The Stargazer)
Michael Brückner - Pleijad (Test of Time)
Mike Hans Steffl - Successful Failure Part II (Successful Failure)
Faber - Fantasy (Sequentium)
Nautilus - Last Signals On Endless Sea (A Floating City)
Steve Smith and the Tylas Cyndrone - Interstellar Highway (Pools of Diversity)


March 11, BKS in Repelen (german)



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