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Episode 648

What is fate? Is it escapable? Well, I don't believe in a global concept of fate that defines one's life like a storyboard for a movie. But sometimes it seems that fate gets hold of you and changes the way you planned your own future. It's not a religious thing, but events providing means to change your perspective on things and what should be in store next for you. One usually assigns negative things to fate and ignores there are positive ones as well. But whatever life holds for you, there will always be a way to handle it and get on. And you should, as there is no second chance or choice. When it's over, it's over. So go on, because life is the only real thing you own. And you know what? Fate has great music for you tonight by moonbooter (Reminiscence), Faber (Sequentium), Andreas Baaden (Night Walk), Parallel Worlds (Plector), CIALYN (A Faint Past Beside Us), Kenneth Hooper (As the Crow Flies), Wilfried Hanrath (Midnightradio Compilation 113), D-Fried (Human is Human's master), Grosso Gadgetto (L'Orchestre secret), Coma Conscience (Ambient Sessions Compilation Vol. 2).



moonbooter - Mystic Sunset (Reminiscence)
Faber - The Bit (Sequentium)
Andreas Baaden - Icy Worlds in a Habitable Zone (Part I Europa) (Night Walk)
Parallel Worlds - Dysfunction (Plector)
CIALYN - Airstream (A Faint Past Beside Us)
Kenneth Hooper - Up Ahead (As the Crow Flies)
Wilfried Hanrath - Starting (all over again) (Midnightradio Compilation 113)
D-Fried - Kombat Dub (Human is Human's master)
Grosso Gadgetto - Triste clown (L'Orchestre secret)
Coma Conscience - Under Stars Of Thy Galaxy (Ambient Sessions Compilation Vol. 2)


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