Out of tune

Episode 637

Well, sometimes, life gets between plan and reality. So it happened as we mourn another tragic loss to the electronic music world with Mark Shreeve. Yet another broken key in the realm, which I dedicate tonight's edition to with music by Redshift (Turning Towards Us), Abdicant (In-Group), Tonal Assembly (Four Pieces For Sonic Solitude), Colin Rayment (Equilibrium), Spectral Tune (Perspectivia), Ivan Black (Drowning In Your Chant), Gert Emmens & Ron Boots (A Night at Blackrock Station).



Redshift - Turning Towards Us (Turning Towards Us)
Abdicant - Subjunctive Mood (In-Group)
Tonal Assembly - Voyager: Third Movement (Four Pieces For Sonic Solitude)
Colin Rayment - Composure in a Dreamlike State (Equilibrium)
Spectral Tune - Perspectivia 6 (Perspectivia)
Ivan Black - Could We Ever Be Friends (Drowning In Your Chant)
Gert Emmens and Ron Boots - Flock of Swallows (A Night at Blackrock Station)



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