Wordless chic

Episode 636

So I am watching this asian show lately. I was expecting a series with some martial arts combined with magic, which sounded just like a good watch. Well, it turns out rather to be a soap opera with touches of fantasy. It's not too bad. it contains some nice character development, funny characters, and other nice elements. What really annoys me, though, is the absolute cheesy music. Especially in "romantic" scenes it turns into some asian schlager music and I am so happy not to understand a word. Always great to be able to head over to some nice ambient and electronic music of my playlist afterwards. And I have some beautiful serene ones for you tonight with Stan Dart (MurInsel, Vol. 5), Ambiente Solstice (Comet's Dust), Abdicant (In-Group), City of Dawn & Sherry Finzer (Moonwheel), Progeny -1 (Bytopia: Shurrock), Loneward (Our Unyielding Sky), Cousin Silas & Eisenlager (Sense Of Doubt 1), Wellengärtner (Arctic).



Stan Dart - NYC Memories (MurInsel, Vol. 5)
Ambiente Solstice - The Celestial Dance (Comet's Dust)
Abdicant - Perception Management (In-Group)
City of Dawn & Sherry Finzer - Amity (Moonwheel)
Progeny -1 - The Centerspire (Bytopia: Shurrock)
Loneward - Boundless (Our Unyielding Sky)
Cousin Silas & Eisenlager - Take Your Mouth And Smile At People You Love (Sense Of Doubt 1)
Wellengärtner - Bears' Kingdom (Arctic)



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