Beware the vocals

Episode 638

Once in a long while I take on submissions on syndae that do not really fit to the Ambient or electronic Music focus. Well, I have had Synthwave on before, and tonight it is Synthpop. With lyrics! Yeah, I know. But all in all they do have a similar root in electronic and synthesizer based music, so it is a bit of a stretch but in my opinion change is good. So tonight you will get something completely different with great and wonderful tracks by Lisa Gerrard & Marcello De Francisci (Exaudia), Alphaville (Eternally Yours), Cub\cub ft. Louisa Osborn (Radiant Crush), Telefis (a hAon), Perpacity (Granite), Richard Evans (Sentinel), Circuit3 (Overview Effect), Panjoma (Sun and Moon), Spray (Ambiguous Poems About Death), Your Preferred Retailer (Better Later).


In memory of my dear brother. Definitely not your style of music, I know. Until we meet again on the other side. Love you.


Lisa Gerrard and Marcello De Francisci - Until We Meet Again (Exaudia)
Alphaville - Eternally Yours (Eternally Yours)
Alphaville - Sounds like a Melody (Eternally Yours)
Cub\cub ft. Louisa Osborn - Drift (Radiant Crush)
Telefis - Picadors (a hAon)
Perpacity - Never Let Go (Granite)
Richard Evans - Constellation (Sentinel)
Circuit3 - Overview Effect [KeX/1 Remix] (Overview Effect)
Panjoma - Sun and Moon (Sun and Moon)
Spray - Hammered In An Airport (Ambiguous Poems About Death)
Spray - Blurred In The Background (Ambiguous Poems About Death)
Your Preferred Retailer - Better Later (JSeb Mix) / Disco Queen (Better Later)


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