Time for some country

Episode 630

Time for changing gears. Not so ambient tonight, but with a quite diverse selection of music to also tease you for two upcoming events here in Germany. You may visit one or the other or both to get the full potion of live music. It's not only music, of course, as these are rather parties than concerts only. But there is more on this show than only event announcements, as great new albums are coming up which I will give you a bit of a taste upfront. Well, I will stop telling and start showing. Join me for fantastic music by Joerg Dankert (Between the meantime), Transient Visitor (TV2), Transient Visitor (TV2), Elektronische Maschine (Kampf Maschine), M.O.B.S. (Aus dem Nichts), Menzman & Friends (Insights), Suriya (Schallplatte 23), SKOULAMAN (Raumzeit Festival Digital), Däcker (The Self-fulfilling Prophecies).



Joerg Dankert - Part 1 (Between the meantime)
Transient Visitor - If I Know I'm Going Crazy I Must Not Be Insane (TV2)
Transient Visitor - Cobra Movements (TV2)
Elektronische Maschine - Epilogue (Kampf Maschine)
M.O.B.S. - Danach - Zukunft (Aus dem Nichts)
Menzman & Friends - Metrik Progression (Insights)
Suriya - Lost in Translation (Schallplatte 23)
Skoulaman - Construere et destruam (Raumzeit Festival Digital)
Däcker - Movement 1 (The Self-fulfilling Prophecies)


August 13, E-Circus Summer Edition, Borgholzhausen
August 6, Schallwende Grillfest, Ahlen



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