Soothe out

Episode 629

Last week I promised it will get more serene and here we are. Going further into ambient sounds with this edition, but in no way boring I promise you that. Another week where I throw myself into relaxation mode listening to sounds that are soothing and not giving me any tickle to start moving any bone. Perfect for some tense days. How was your week? Well, ok, mine was not that bad and I am sure I have quite a comfortable life. To those who haven't: I hope it will get better. Meanwhile, maybe tonight's music will help at least to ease your mind for a little while. Featuring great tracks by Wane of Summer and Sunwarper (Bytopia: Dothion), Aestheia (Bytopia: Shurrock), Zero Ohms (Cloudwalker & the Ascent), Wellengärtner (Floating), Alio Die & Dirk Serries (The Chapters of the Eclipse), theAdelaidean (Eternity is [free!]).



Wane of Summer - Lake Crystal (Bytopia: Dothion)
Sunwarper - Prosperity Brook (Bytopia: Dothion)
Aestheia - Welcome To Watchkeep (Bytopia: Shurrock)
Zero Ohms - Across the Seven Skies (Cloudwalker & the Ascent)
Wellengärtner - Floating Outer Space (Floating)
Alio Die & Dirk Serries - Without the light of the sky, time is lost (The Chapters of the Eclipse)
theAdelaidean - The Leaves of Autumn, Falling / Summer’s Golden Tears (Eternity is [free!])


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