Firing up your neurons

Episode 631

Ok, this was kind of a terrifying week for me, so let's get into some nice and easy going music tonight. No, nothing dramatic happening to me, but it just felt that way. And, tell you what, listening to music has helped me quite a bit to get through. It did not matter what kind of music though, may it be even dark and terrifying on its own. Just keeping the mind busy with something else than darker thoughts does it. How do you experience music? Does it inspire you? Lift you up? Annoy you perhaps at times? Well, the music on this show should simply delight you. Listen in to tracks by Nicholas Gunn (Into the Bliss), Anna B May (In Another Life), Evenfall (Ubiquity), Rick Sparks (Speak Peace), Tron Syversen (A New Spring), Robert Fox (Timeless Vol 2, Best of Robert Fox 2005-2022), Forest Robots (Supermoon Moonlight Part Two), Joseph L Young (Into The Unknown), Delay Tactics (Viola's Ascent), John Gregorius (In Awe), Steen Chorchendorff Jorgensen (Above Ground Under the Clouds)



Nicholas Gunn - Into the Bliss (Into the Bliss)
Anna B May - In Another Life (In Another Life)
Evenfall - Luminous Depths (Ubiquity)
Rick Sparks - Harvest Moon (Speak Peace)
Tron Syversen - Surrender (A New Spring)
Robert Fox - Kindred Spirit (2022 Remastered) (Timeless Vol 2, Best of Robert Fox 2005-2022)
Forest Robots - Every Ray Of Light In Between The Reeds And Trees (Supermoon Moonlight Part Two)
Joseph L Young - Eclipsed (Into The Unknown)
Delay Tactics - Viola's Ascent (Viola's Ascent)
John Gregorius - Gratefulness (In Awe)
Steen Chorchendorff Jorgensen - Right Near You (Above Ground Under the Clouds)


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