Escaping madness

Episode 628

My brain is currently really busy. At day time as well as at night. Which makes it also difficult to find some sleep. Hence, looking out for a way to sooze its acitivies once in a while by listening to ambient style music. Well, you know, I have plenty of those by a great number of also great artists. And tonight is the night to again share some of these fine tracks with you. If not being too serene, like the once you get tonight, they might open doors to wonderful worlds of thoughts. It might be like living in a dream, at least for some moments until reality hits again. So let us enjoy those moments served to us by Jim Ottaway (Somewhere In-Between), Meg Bowles (Pilgrimage), Violet Mist (Cyberwave), Thaneco & DASK (Stages), Mike Clay (Somewhere in Space and Time), Orde107 and Post Apocalyptic (Polysphere Vol. 2), Basic Principles (Colours), jarguna & more (Chimera of a New World, Session Two).



Jim Ottaway - Shores Of Eternity (Somewhere In-Between)
Meg Bowles - Ancient Paths (Pilgrimage)
Violet Mist - Cyberlove (Cyberwave)
Thaneco & DASK - The Thespian at the Oasis (Stages)
Mike Clay - Comet Crossing (Somewhere in Space and Time)
Orde107 - Dreamscope (Polysphere Vol. 2)
Post Apocalyptic - Birth Of A New World (Polysphere Vol. 2)
Basic Principles - Terre Verte (Colours)
jarguna & Various Artists - Urban Soundtrack (Chimera of a New World, Session Two)


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