Split seconds

Episode 627

Bananas are best to serve silly. At least, this seems the motto for the latest two pictures I chose as covers. I am no fan of bananas. And it is not because of their economical impact (which is not too bad actually compared to local fruit), but I find them to be too sweet. Though, my taste changed from back when I was young regarding sweetness. Nowadays it is more the slightly stronger chocolate I like rather than sugar heavy popular one. I still do like fried bananas as you get them in an asian booth or restaurant. But that is taste. And what did not change is my taste in music. It is still that instrumental electronic style that gets me. Maybe, I broadened in variations, but it's still similar. Tonight, you will get some very cool progressive stuff by Vortex Elements (Distance), The Tin Box (Thirteenth Listen), K.I.Companion (Wayfarer), Paris Music Corp. (Paris Music Corp.), iNFO (Hedera Helix), Räven Musen (Peppermint Soldier), Obukhovaudio (Opioid), Radium88 (We Are All Dreaming), Collins (Skins), Pulselovers (Circles Within Circles), Salvatore Mercatante (SM Synthesis).



Vortex Elements - Origin (Distance)
The Tin Box - Combinatorial (Thirteenth Listen)
K.I.Companion - M25 North (Wayfarer)
Paris Music Corp. - Witch Harvest (Paris Music Corp.)
iNFO - Electronic Soul (Hedera Helix)
Räven Musen - Kilo Bravo (Peppermint Soldier)
Obukhovaudio - Kristallhorizont. Episode II (Opioid)
Radium88 - The Man Who Was Mistaken For A Shadow (We Are All Dreaming)
Collins - The Clocks (Skins)
Pulselovers - Circles Within Circles (Circles Within Circles)
Salvatore Mercatante - L'Aqua (SM Synthesis)



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