Rolling, rolling, rolling

Episode 626

A few shows earlier I talked about repetition and how it is special to us humans. Actually can be hypnotic and make you get lost in thoughts or sounds. Most often, sounds back of the days of traditional electronic music is considered sequencer music. Well, it's not, although in many cases it is a main part. More important to this kind of music is the evolution of a track, where one can actually follow its development from some interesting start up to its peak at the end. I love this kind of music, which is not stuck to repeating verse and chorus over and over. It's like a good novel which seems to roll upon you in waves that get bigger on each roll. Also a reason, why such tracks tend to be quite long. A current selection of such tracks are on this edition, brought to us by Altus (Anthropoaliena), Thaneco & DASK (Stages), MindPhaser (Midnightradio Compilation 112), Jim Ottaway (Somewhere In-Between), Basic Principles (Colours), Ivan Black (The Society For The Protection Of Unwanted Objects), Sensory++ (Lessons in Humility).



Altus - We Are Alien (Anthropoaliena)
Thaneco & DASK - The Artisan in the Wild Orchard (Stages)
MindPhaser - Neurophaser (Midnightradio Compilation 112)
Jim Ottaway - Dawn Of Time (Somewhere In-Between)
Basic Principles - Mars Black (Colours)
Ivan Black - Worshipful Company Of Curiosities (The Society For The Protection Of Unwanted Objects)
Sensory++ - The Killing Freedom (Lessons in Humility)


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