Neural soundworks

Episode 625

Back in 2020 we thought the world is falling apart with all the pandemic actions. Now it's mid 2022, and humankind is still at the brink of insanity with viruses and pox and, foremost, incredible crimes in killing people in either massacres or war. When I was younger, I thought, humans will evolve and learn that only together we will build a future worth living. Well, I was wrong (with the evolving part). Does your mind also spin around in unbelief of what happens out there? Mine does. But there is one thing that holds me together for some time: great music. Like the one I have on the show tonight with the fantastic Saafi Brothers (Make Pictures With The Sound), Aux25 (Ocean & Stars), Nicholas Gunn (Entering (Twin Falls)), ELEON (In The Dream Garden), Stan Dart (Electronic), Sami Konzo (Stick), Poolz (Woodlands), Anderdog (Thirteenth Listen), Globular (A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy).



Saafi Brothers - Mantra Dub (Make Pictures With The Sound)
Saafi Brothers - Lovin' The Orbit (Make Pictures With The Sound)
Aux25 - Paging Dr. Benway (Kaya Project Remix) (Ocean & Stars)
Nicholas Gunn - Entering (Twin Falls) (Extended Edition) (Entering (Twin Falls))
ELEON - Caught Between Two Worlds (In The Dream Garden)
Stan Dart - Metis (Electronic)
Sami Konzo - Trip (Stick)
Poolz - Woodlands (Woodlands)
Anderdog - Dog Eat Dog (Thirteenth Listen)
Globular - To The Other Side Of Fractal Phase Space (A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy)


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