Hot and sparkling

Episode 624

Back in my youth, when I started listening to music, there of course was the songs my parents were listening to. But their styles did not resonate with me. I did listen to some country, folk and pop at the time, actually tried to record myself singing (which was terrible), but rather soon got into instrumental music. First it was guitars (which I tried to learn, too, but failed due to my clumsy fingers) but then I discovered organs and keyboards. It took quite a while until one had the computer to have all the instruments and recording equipment at your fingertips. And music evolved very fast regarding electronics. I now love lots of styles, therefore you get different music each show. So tonight we are up for a more current style of electronic music, where we meet some great artists for fresh and progressive sounds with ELEON (Hidden in Time), Divine Matrix (Journeys), Eisenlager (Atombomben Musik), 6TH CROWD (Sokolonko), Salvatore Mercatante (SM Synthesis), Radium88 (We Are All Dreaming Now), illocanblo (Thirteenth Listen), Existential Wabbit (Thirteenth Listen), Globular (Holobiont).



ELEON - Just a Day's Journey (Hidden in Time)
Divine Matrix - One Small Step (Journeys)
Eisenlager - Ukraine Melodie (Atombomben Musik)
6TH CROWD - Sokolonko (instrumental) (Sokolonko)
Salvatore Mercatante - Diety of One (SM Synthesis)
Radium88 - The Age Of Complicity (We Are All Dreaming Now)
illocanblo - Moan Of Time (Thirteenth Listen)
Existential Wabbit - Concerta Crash Acid (Thirteenth Listen)
Globular - An Upwards Curve in the Horizon (Holobiont)


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