Embracing beauty

Episode 155

When rhythm and melody embrace each other, some really nice tunes come to live both chilling and moving at the same time. Tonight we have several such pieces from new and recent releases on the menu, pleasing ones audio receptionists to their very best. Join me tonight for tracks by David Wright, Frechbax, Great Skies, Guido Negraszus, Nheap, Patrick Geren, and Patrick O'Hearn.

Wellness for your ears

Episode 154

It's all about easy rhythms and warm soundscapes, spiced with nice and beautiful melodies. Yes, we're going quite relaxed into the night with artists known to and new to the syndae podcast. For a relieving half an hour, go for a nice place and listen to Altus, Darshan Ambient, Dubtrix, Marow, Radio Free Clear Light, and The X-Structure.

Travel lightly

Episode 153

Another week bites the dust. Let's praise those who invented the weekend, as it is quite delicious to have one. Tonight's episode will go into the quiet realms, as we did several times before. It's all fresh, recent releases to please your ears with fine sound taking you on a silent journey from your heart to your soul. Take a deep breath of music with tracks by Ken Elkinson, Michael Sandler, Phillip Wilkerson, Sam Rosenthal, and Steve Roach.

Get on your feet

Episode 152

So what happens in a two weeks time with no podcast? Well, I had a brilliant time at the sea relaxing and filling up my battery. Did you miss the show? Whether or not, it's back with some nice new tunes making one dream or moving ones feet. Emotions in very expressive forms tonight, brought to you with the following tracks by Andrea Milana, Eric van der Heijden, General Fuzz, Loom, Rudolf Heimann, and Waterplea.

Lively silence

Episode 151

Tonight we're going from ambient to traditional to modern EM, having very recent releases on the show again. Starting out with the new album by Erik Wøllo having very ambient sounds, visit the fresh release by Johannes Schmoelling, and going on a shifted tunes trip with the Cosmic Octave Orchestra. We then go relaxing with Geigertek and enjoy two tracks of a new free of cost sampler having Magic Dimension and Alpha Lyra.
This also is the last episode before a short break, as there will be no new show until November.

Step right up

Episode 150 EC

Looking back at the Electronic Circus festival, which I and hundereds more were visiting on October 15th to enjoy a fabulous day in Die Weberei. A perfect location, and a perfect line up that turned out to be even better than expected. Glenn made a wonderful opener to the Circus, taking us back to the best years of Jarre transposed into the future. A total surprise to me, and actually my winner of that day, were Schroyder,Skrzek, and Alien Voices, who left me totally stunned wrt. their performance and musical greatness. Unfortunately, no recordings available yet, but I will surely see to put my hands on it. Wave world and Picture Palace music both did very fine performances, overall a magnificent mix of music from traditional to post-rock, spanning from relaxing music and totally getting pushed to ones electronic limits.

The Circus also was the birthplace for at least 17 new releases, some of which I will present on tonight's episode. Amongst these releases were albums by Alien Nature, F.D.Project, Kikai, Matzumi, René vd. Wouden, Synth.nl, Uwe Reckzeh, and Wellenfeld. Furthermore, we take an ear on the upcoming release by moonbooter and close with Stefan Erbe, introducing a soon to come event surely also top notch and available tickets.

Quiet beauty

Episode 149 XL

Early bird episode this time, because of the Electronic Circus taking the weekend, but you get an XL edition as compensation. If you're not at the Circus, you will enjoy tonight's show bringing you excellent ambient tracks by Arcticology, Bengalfuel, Crystal Dreams, Janne Hanhisuanto, Off Land, Qodobop, Susperia-Electrica, Symatic Star, and The Tide.


Episode 148

Are you up for a radio premiere? You'll find right two within this episode, focusing on new releases and new discoveries anyway. It's a bit mixed in styles tonight, containing extraordinary tracks by 12 Followers/Meteo Xavier, B. Ashra & Ricky Deadking, Psicodreamics, Synth.nl, Triple-S, and Van der Waal.

Extra beats

Episode 147 XL

Catching up with some earlier releases of this and last year, and I take the chance to serve another XL edition with chill and beat tracks. Music on this episode comes from Auma, Beto Narme, Blackberry, Deto and Gleam, Giuliano Rodriques, In Vitro, Niteffect, Para, Sternenspringer, and Wounds.

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