Beauty best served cool

Episode 567

What a crazy week. After some fun with Seven Lucky Gods (and very nice feedback on the way), snowfall took us over easter and beyond. Fortunately, too warm for the flakes to stay, and we had a alternating mix with sunbeams over here at my place. Maybe a prolonged April joke? Who knows. Well, after such a strange and eventful week, I decided to unwrap my ambient box and pick some rather calm and less to no beat tracks for tonight. Not to a full success, but with amazing music, I can tell you. Also, over the weekend I checked out the video/radio show Some Good Vibes, which had some really inspiring tracks by artists I did not know before. Some of them on tonight's edition, some will definitely appear in later shows. Have fun joining me for some ambient to chill music by Vanyashi (Existence), Blue Is Nine (I Met a Traveler), Rudy Adrian (As Dusk Becomes Night), XaVioN & Anna B May (Afterlife), Carl Lord (Stillness), David Helpling (As the World Falls Away), drone-in-the-woods and Lethave Plank (Mars Perseverance), Sunplus (Clear Muted Sine Recovery), Wolfproject and Harald Nies (Midnight Radio Compilation 103).



Vanyashi - Existence (dream) (Existence)
Blue Is Nine - Space Cruiser (I Met a Traveler)
Rudy Adrian - Stars Appear (As Dusk Becomes Night)
XaVioN & Anna B May - Afterlife (Afterlife)
Carl Lord - Piercing the Darkness (Stillness)
Carl Lord - Prayerful (Stillness)
David Helpling - As the World Falls Away (As the World Falls Away)
drone-in-the-woods - Beyond the Horizon (Mars Perseverance)
Lethave Plank - Checkouts on landing day (Mars Perseverance)
Sunplus - Young Bun (Clear Muted Sine Recovery)
Wolfproject and Harald Nies - Sunset Meditation Part II (Midnight Radio Compilation 103)


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