Time sounds well

Episode 568

Isn't it ironic that time does not pass a clock? So it is ticking or clicking for month or years or decades and you can actually see the time aging, so to say. On the other hand, time never gets old and is still one of the things most important to people. I'd say this also counts for music, especially for electronic music. While styles and tracks age by the hour, they never actually get old. Berlin School, for example, was at its height in the seventies to the eighties. It was thrilling because it was new in itself. But it never lost its appeal to knowledgable listeners. And there is always room for new variants on this style, which let you discover more modern details and takes on the older ones. It may be new instruments or different nuances to arrangements, there is always something worth exploring. We will have ears on some modern takes on Berlin School and related styles with tonight's edition, featuring great music by Uwe Reckzeh (Electronic Music Compilation Vol. 13), DASK (Electron Hell), Syndromeda (The Path of Isolation), Howard Givens, Madhavi Devi, and Craig Padilla (Precipice of a Dream), moogie183, Klangzaun, Sequential Dreams (Chrysalis), TaboTago (Live at Zwinglikirche Berlin).



Uwe Reckzeh - Later as soon (Voyage) (Electronic Music Compilation Vol. 13)
DASK - RBMK 1000 (Electron Hell)
Syndromeda - I'll be There (The Path of Isolation)
Howard Givens, Madhavi Devi, Craig Padilla - Vibrance of Life (Precipice of a Dream)
moogie183 - 130117 (./.)
Klangzaun - Welcome to Berlin (./.)
Sequential Dreams - Diachronic Verbs in Temporal Sentences - Part 1 (Chrysalis)
TaboTago - Part 3 (Live at Zwinglikirche Berlin)



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