Fun in scape and sound

Episode 566

Japan is a very interesting country with a long history in culture and tradition. One may sometimes wonder how trends are born, but they are usually quite unique to the rest of the world. One of their traditions is about how they worshipped gods. As a special feature tonight, you will get a six-pack of tracks from the new Legacy of Thought compilation Seven Lucky Gods, which is on a special group of Japanese gods: the Seven Lucky ones. Well, when compiling music for the remainder of the show, it really became an easter special edition with albums all but one released right today on April 2nd. Hence, enjoy brand new music by Ambient Indigo, Wane of Summer, Roberto Sass, XaVioN, Talking to Ghosts, and Time Away (Seven Lucky Gods), Sequential Dreams (Chrysalis), Stan Dart (Basilica), Holeg Spies & Jaia ft. Thierry Gotti (Rain), Steve Roach & Serena Gabriel (Temple of the Melting Dawn).



Ambient Indigo - Fukurokuju (Seven Lucky Gods)
Wane of Summer - Bishamonten (Seven Lucky Gods)
Roberto Sass - Dakokuten (Seven Lucky Gods)
XaVioN - Jurojin (Seven Lucky Gods)
Talking to Ghosts - Nankyokusei (Seven Lucky Gods)
Time Away - Benzaiten (Seven Lucky Gods)
Sequential Dreams - Chysalis (Chrysalis)
Stan Dart - Sunrise (Basilica)
Holeg Spies & Jaia ft. Thierry Gotti - Rain (PsyTechProject Remix) (Rain)
Steve Roach & Serena Gabriel - Glow of Light (Temple of the Melting Dawn)


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