We are one

Episode 525

Recently, I have been at the coast for a short vacation. It was quiet at first, as going for journeys just has started again after lockdown. So great to have a change in scenery after all these months. My wife and I enjoyed the nature and the sea up in the north eastern part of Germany, at least until the hords rolled in to the end of our time up there. Still, people seem to be tense. Surely because of the strange times we are in. And actually, it's not as difficult as in other places. Looking out in the world, some things are not right. Some people seem to have the impression to be more important than others. And there is no justification for hatred at any time. As one of my favourite novelists puts it: Everybody counts or nobody counts. So, stay safe, my dear friends in sound, in health and everything else. As of this show, for your mental well-being, you get very much enjoyable music served by Ben Blackett (Portals), John Gregorius (Full of Life), Divine Matrix (Helios), Ian Boddy (Behind the Sky Presents: Portals), Eleon (Rendezvous), Catalin Marin (Art of Darkness).



Ben Blackett - Leap of Faith (Portals)
John Gregorius - The Expansive Sky (Full of Life)
Divine Matrix - 9 Planets (Helios)
Ian Boddy - Omicron (Portals / Compilation)
Eleon - Secretly Meeting With You (Rendezvous)
Catalin Marin - Art of Darkness (Art of Darkness)



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