Rings of desires

Episode 524

So, last time I was talking about trees and ambient music. There is another style of electronic music that is quite similaro with respect to building up its beauty: traditional electronic music of Berlin School. These simply take their time to come to a point, or multiple points. And often times with sound arcs not to be expected. Well, if we are back to trees, you can see them bend and twisted occasionally and usually never growing straight up. Long lasting sequences build the thread here on which you get hooked. And most of tonight's tracks are excerptional due to their extensive length. Take all of them, provided by Ivan Black (Our Drowning World), Elrox (Era), Bob Hedger (2020 Karma Cafe Jam Sessions Vol. 1), RadioSilence (RadioSilence III), Fratoroler (Different).



Ivan Black - Carnival of Alligators (excerpt) (Our Drowning World)
Elrox - Long Train Journey (Era)
Bob Hedger - Part Two (Live Jam) (excerpt) (2020 Karma Cafe Jam Sessions Vol. 1)
RadioSilence - 3-Beta (excerpt) (RadioSilence III)
Fratoroler - Between (excerpt) (Different)



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