Nailed it

Episode 526

So I followed a competition recently on scoring a pursuit scene of Westworld season 3. Lots of composers uploaded their take to that famous video platform. And I must be crazy to watch the scene over and over again, only the score being different. After a while I knew the lines by heart, and it got difficult to follow through. To me it seems very difficult to compose music for a film, having to see scenes over and over and over to match the music to the films details. And only few of the compositions did so, some failed big time to match the scene's cuts or impressions at all. But I was impressed on the sheer variety of approaches to making the music work with the story. Unfortunately I was to late to try myself. It still reminded me of how I work on music, listening to short sequences repeatedly for hours to get the details right, so it sounds good to me, like I want it to be. Of course, only until a few days later when I find some new details to change. Maybe, I will never get done with it. Well. Some great musicians did and put out their music as album, single, or contribution to a compilation. Six of them made it to tonight's edition. Have a great time with music by Der Waldläufer feat. BaoBao (Inyourmind), Myth (History of Life), This Digital Landscape (Waveform Magazine Issue 3), Tangram (Ether), moonbooter (Elected Pieces 2012 to 2020), Nubrada (Pote 3).



Der Waldläufer feat. BaoBao - Inyourmind (Inyourmind / Single)
Myth - The First Bees (History of Life / Compilation)
This Digital Landscape - The Face You Wear is not Your Own (Waveform Magazine Issue 3 / Compilation)
Tangram - Ether (Ether / Single)
moonbooter - The Wave (Elected Pieces 2012 to 2020)
Nubrada - Trunios (Pote 3 / Compilation)


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