Episode 445

Published: Friday, 10 August 2018
Party with care

I am not really into birthdays, but when it comes to the podcast anniversary, other dates of celebration pop up. Like the one by Klaus Schulze, which got celebrated by a tribute album, too. I'm also close to celebrate the weather turning milder, as me and my body are not made for hot temperatures. A big welcome to temperatures below 30 Celsius. Seems a good time to go party. Well, I kind of will for the release of the syndae CD, which will happen at Spaceworks in Hagen. I admit, it's a small location and occasion, but it's where it all started. The podcast's birthplace so to say. And I hope that some of you listeners will join me. But for tonight, let's celebrate with cool music brought to live by Klaus Schulze (Silhouettes), Ansgar Stock (In Love With the Moon), i-One (Singularity), Pharamond (Naturalis Historia), Sonic Chain (The Sound of Syndae).


Klaus Schulze - Quae simplex (excerpt) (Silhouettes)
Ansgar Stock - Jedy Cruiser 188 (In Love With the Moon)
i-One - Photosynthesis/Gravitation (Singularity)
Pharamond - Biophores (excerpt) (Naturalis Historia)
Sonic Chain - The Voice of Syndae (The Sound of Syndae)

Image: https://www.pexels.com/de/foto/behandeln-chillen-cocktail-cocktailglas-1058433/

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