Episode 444

Published: Friday, 03 August 2018
Cool and the bang

Cannot be too difficult to get a CD ready for print, can it? Well. There are so many details to have your eye on. Especially when it comes to colours usuable for CD labeling. Oh boy. It's all about black magic. But since today, everything should be on its way. Now it's all about waiting for the CDs to arrive at my place and immediately spot a big spelling mistake on the cover... Hope not. Also, with the weather still doing its mediterranian style, I decided to go for some easier music tonight. Nevertheless, the closer will be a track from the upcoming syndae CD. So I hope you have a decent not so hot place and enjoy the tracks by Erik Wøllo (Wind Journey), Stephanie Sante (Clear Light), Klangwelt (The Incident), Harald Gramberg & Sylvia Koloski (Spring Time), Sergey Borovkov (Free Your Mind), and Jim Ottaway (The Sound of Syndae).


Erik Wøllo - Dream Lines (Wind Journey)
Stephanie Sante - Moonlit Starfish (Clear Light)
Klangwelt - Sirens (The Incident)
Harald Gramberg & Sylvia Koloski - Spring Time (Spring Time)
Sergey Borovkov - Nostalgy (Free Your Mind)
Jim Ottaway - Mystery Without Clues (The Sound of Syndae)

Image: http://mrg.bz/8d45d8

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