Episode 446

Published: Friday, 17 August 2018
In the beat of the night

I am no historian in musical instruments, but I would assume that percussive instruments are some of the oldest on earth. It seems so natural to me to simply start with a rhythm by tapping fingers. Before music, such beats could surely be useful for longer distance communication purposes. Drums surely came in with rites and were always good for some dancing. I usually prefeer a bit more complex, unusal and variation rich drum and percussion sequences. But on some occasions, straight forward beats do a good job of clearing my head. Well, tonight's edition will go for the latter so you may get up and move your body. Have drum fun with tracks by Liveloula & Atrus (Liveloula & Friends), Johanna von Pfeife (Devotional Dreaming), MegaHast3r (Rendering Again), Matti T (Colors), In Vitro (Transdimensional Woods), and Stan Dart (The Sound of Syndae).


Liveloula & Atrus - Planet Earth (Liveloula & Friends)
Johanna von Pfeife - Sundance (Devotional Dreaming)
MegaHast3r - Ay ay ay! (Rendering Again)
Matti T - Glow (Colors)
In Vitro - Spaceship meeting (Transdimensional Woods)
Stan Dart - Syndae's Nightmare (The Sound of Syndae)

Image: https://pixabay.com/de/tribal-schamane-rave-trommel-1215118/

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