Peace in pieces

Episode 615

If you see someone in great need, it seems a good idea to help by donating goods or even money. If you are a musician, you might want to multiply donations by creating something many others would like to spend money for that you can donate. That's what Dorus aka XaVioN did. Not only that, he motivated other artists to do the same, which resulted in the now starting Musicians for Ukraine series. Tonight, you will get to hear all the tracks of that album and I strongly support you going and getting a copy of this fine release. All earnings from the sells go to Humanitarian aid for Ukraine. A great idea and well worth to support. Have a thoughtful time with music by Bass Ronin x Greencyde, Riversilvers, Andy Leech, Krisu, Day 7, Dimatis, Melle Louise, Ambient Light, Blaudiss, Svwlxw, Roberto Sass, XaVioN, and Wane of Summer (Musicians For Ukraine Vol. 1), XaVioN (Musicians For Ukraine Vol. 2), plus a track by Brainquake & Linn Friberg (Стоп!).



Bass Ronin x Greencyde - Heart (Musicians For Ukraine Vol. 1)
Riversilvers - No War! (Musicians For Ukraine Vol. 1)
Andy Leech - Thinking Of You (Unreleased Version) (Musicians For Ukraine Vol. 1)
Krisu - Unspoken (Musicians For Ukraine Vol. 1)
Day 7 - Dream Away (Musicians For Ukraine Vol. 1)
Dimatis - Afterglow (Musicians For Ukraine Vol. 1)
Melle Louise - Sentry (Musicians For Ukraine Vol. 1)
Ambient Light - Natos Anomymous (Musicians For Ukraine Vol. 1)
Blaudiss - Live Forward (Musicians For Ukraine Vol. 1)
Svwlxw - Reflection (Musicians For Ukraine Vol. 1)
Roberto Sass - To Sleep (Musicians For Ukraine Vol. 1)
XaVioN - Connected (Musicians For Ukraine Vol. 1)
Wane of Summer - Undertow (Musicians For Ukraine Vol. 1)
XaVioN - The Wind (Musicians For Ukraine Vol. 2)
Brainquake & Linn Friberg - Stop Alle Oorlogen (Stoppa Alla Krig) (Стоп!)


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