Fetching trophys

Episode 614

We have all the winners on tonight's edition. That is all those who won the Schallwelle award for 2021, for which the ceremonies took place last week. It was a wonderful evening with many visitors, and a great time to see many people again for the first time since two or three years. And also the chance to meet some I never met in real life before. Of course, the main reason was to celebrate electronic music especially from Germany and our neighbours. With three concerts being given by Tonal Assembly, Stan Dart, and Hhnoi. And here comes music by all the awardees plus one with Joerg Dankert (Restore faith), Suriya, Schiller (Summer in Berlin), Unisphere (TempUs), Hinterland (Codes of the Biosphere), Tangerine Dream (Raum), Kebu (Urban Dreams), Stefan Erbe (Distopia).



Joerg Dankert - Moving in right direction (Restore faith)
Suriya - Kings Son (tba.)
Schiller - Der Klang der Stadt (Summer in Berlin)
Unisphere - In Transition (TempUs)
Hinterland - Eykela Forest (Codes of the Biosphere)
Tangerine Dream - You're Always On Time (Raum)
Kebu - Late for the Meeting in the Maze (Urban Dreams)
Stefan Erbe - Utopia (Distopia)


(own collection)

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