Blue Friday

Episode 589

As most of you well know, from time to time I simply love some quieter sessions to shut me down from the world. There definitely were some gruelling days this week, so it's well earned, too. So here we go. And it's not just any choice of serene music, but some of the best I had on the show yet. As always, recent, current and upcoming releases are waiting to be heard by you. Joii me for some excellent time out with music by Jim Ottaway (Threshold Of The Universe), Cousin Silas (Dreamsville), Frore & Shane Morris (Horizon), Oceanographer (Nectar), City of Dawn & Sherry Finzer (Solace), Wellengärtner (Route To Harmony), Time Away and Progeny -1 (Trans-Siberian Express), EISENLAGER (In·s·tal·la·ti·on).



Jim Ottaway - Starburst In Celestial Darkness (Threshold Of The Universe)
Cousin Silas - Ongoing (Dreamsville)
Frore & Shane Morris - Woven (Horizon)
Oceanographer - Meeting Of Hearts (Nectar)
City of Dawn & Sherry Finzer - Paradise Fell From Your Eyes (Solace)
Wellengärtner - Route To Harmony (Route To Harmony)
Time Away - Moskow Departure (Trans-Siberian Express)
Progeny -1 - Great Lake Baikal (Trans-Siberian Express)
EISENLAGER - In·s·tal·la·ti·on 003 (In·s·tal·la·ti·on)


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