Steam touring

Episode 588

It's the dream of many people from western states: riding the Trans-Siberian Express. It's quite a journey, usually starting in Moscow running all along Southern Russia, sometimes touching China, over to Krasnojarsk far east. Actually, asking local people using this train, they do not understand how one can ride it "for fun". It's not the most comfortable journy and takes days from one end to the other. The view, though, is partially stunning and very unusual for western people. And, of course, it's kind of an adventure travelling this route seemingly forever. Now, on tonight's special edition I present the latest compilation by Legacy of Thought, focusing on this railway line. Here you will get tracks by Cosmic Cadence, AndAWan, Talking to Ghosts, Wane of Summer, Tolubai, Big Beech, BlauDisS and K37. Furthermore, you will get additional tracks from the past by Johan Agebjörn (The Mountain Lake) and Tangerine Dream (Views From A Red Train).



Cosmic Cadence - Kama River Crossing (Trans-Siberian Express)
AndAWan - Ural Mountains Passage (Trans-Siberian Express)
Talking to Ghosts - Over the Ob (Trans-Siberian Express)
Wane of Summer - Krasnoyarsk (Trans-Siberian Express)
Tolubai - Endless Taiga (Trans-Siberian Express)
Big Beech - Ulan-Ude (Trans-Siberian Express)
BlauDisS - Khan Khentii (Trans-Siberian Express)
K37 - Vladivostok (Trans-Siberian Express)
Johan Agebjörn - Siberian Train (Steve Moore remix) (The Mountain Lake)
Tangerine Dream - Lord of the Ants (Views From A Red Train)


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